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Compression Stockings & Socks

We offer a variety of compression stockings, socks and hosiery.  We carry stockings and socks in many styles, colors and sizes.  We have top name brands including Jobst.  They are designed to be worn every day work or leisure.  They are stylish and comfortable and can help reduce symptoms of varicose veins.  Compression stockings and hose help to promote circulation and vein efficiency and help to alleviate leg and foot swelling.  Choose from knee high, thigh high and full pantyhose styles to help prevent leg cramps and foot or leg discomfort.  We carry compression socks and hose for both men and women in many colors and sizes. 

Compression stockings and socks are grouped in different categories that indicate the strength of compression around your leg created by the compression stocking.  The higher the mmHg number, the more graduated the stocking, meaning the more compression (or pressure) the sock will create around your ankles and legs.  Although a prescription is not required for compression stockings, doctors may prescribe compression socks for individuals with circulation issues.  You should consult your physician or doctor prior to purchasing compression stockings to determine if you should be wearing them and which ones would be right for you. 

Compression stockings can be difficult to put on, so it is recommended that you put on first thing in the morning before you begin moving around.  Also, if taking measurements to determine your size for compression stockings, you should take measurements first thing in the morning before you begin moving around.  Compression stockings are not mean to be worn overnight and should be removed when going to bed unless otherwise directed by your physician. 

We strive to provide top quality products and excellent customer service. Please contact us if you are looking for a special order size or color.  Many of the styles are offered in additional colors.  Please shop online or call us at 1-866-890-9985 if you need help finding the best stocking or sock product for you!



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